Saturday, June 23, 2018

Good News, Bad News

Good news: training this spring went well.  Just like I have shared in recent months, nearly all of my performances continued to improve: better strength, better muscular endurance, more power, faster running.  The progression has been toward greater, general fitness.

Bad news: I went on holiday.  The trip was exceptional, but after a week off from intense training, only walking, I struggled to get moving again.  I was very sluggish in all my workouts.

Good news: the second week after my holiday, I felt a lot better.  Apparently, it just took a while to get going again.  After about a week or so of normal training, I felt like I had prior to the break.

Bad news: I strained a calf muscle while running (right lateral gastrocnemius, if anyone cares).  It came from nowhere.  I was halfway through a workout, well warmed up.  Over a span of 5 strides or so, the pain appeared and increased to a moderate level and I stopped.  Unfortunately, I had to walk (limp) about 2 miles back to the gym where my bicycle was parked.

Good News: I recovered.  After 2 weeks of no running--I could do just about anything else, then 2 weeks of easy running, as well as some Kinesiotape/Rock Tape from Pat, I was good to go.

Bad news: that break put me behind schedule.

Good News: I adapt.  I am back at it, continuing to set and achieve short term goals.  My running continues to improve--every 5k time trial this year has been faster than the last.  My legs and core certainly continue to show strength and endurance improvements too.  So, it is all good!

But what does it all mean?

  • If I train smart, I still have the potential to improve, even at 47 years old--strength, speed, endurance, etcetera.
  • Even at my current training intensity, I need fewer rest days.
  • My strength training is helping my running improve.
  • S**t happens.  My calf injury was probably a side effect of my age.  I just have to do my best to prevent that sort of thing, knowing that another muscle or joint might get irritated in the future.
I continue to learn...