Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March-ing Forward

I think my decades of learning and experience, along with my recent consistency, are overcoming the disadvantage of my increasing age!  My progress continues--I am making regular, small but measurable, steps forward with my fitness and performance.

My February challenges achieved (some spilled into March):
  • 100 burpees without rest:  DONE
  • 100 leg lifts without rest:  DONE
  • 200 walking lunges without rest:  DONE
  • 18 dips:  DONE
  • 90 floors on the step mill in 15 minutes: DONE, 93 floors
  • 5k run:  improved my most recent time by over 45 seconds
  • Goal paces on training runs: ALL MET
Challenges not yet achieved:
  • 50 push ups: progressed to 38
  • 50 military/Pilates push ups:  progressed to 34
  • 7 pull ups, underhand: progressed to 6
  • 4000m on the rower in 15 minutes:  improved to 3536m
  • 1-minute power, riding my bike on the rollers: my average is up
So, the program is working!  Most importantly, my running is improving.  I still have a long way to go to match my previous running peak performance, but I remain healthy and I seem to be on the right path.

Last week was a relative recovery week.  I have two more hard training weeks using the same program, then about 10 days of vacation/holiday.  After that, I might change things a bit.  The days will be longer and hopefully the weather will be more consistently nice.  I may add outdoor cycling to my routine.

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