Thursday, February 15, 2018

Early 2018 Progress

Yes: progress, indeed!  I have been working hard, consistently, with objective improvements.

February 2017
Reviewing my January challenges, I  met 2 of 4.  I completed the 12 runs and my sit up challenge.  I did not complete the push up and squat challenges, because Pat and I joined a gym and I changed my routine as a result.  The gym has been great!  Lots of toys and it is close to the beach where I can run on the 2-mile flat promenade and enjoy the great view and sea air.

This month, I started a new running regimen, using the FIRST 5k program.  I have completed 5 runs so far, easily achieving the goal paces for each.  Woo hoo!  I also weighed myself today and I am down, as is my body fat percentage.  I already knew this though, because I could easily use the second hole in my brown belt!

I set more challenges for this month:

  • 100 burpees without rest--I'm up to 55;
  • 100 leg lifts without rest, on my back, anchored with my hands--I'm up to 65;
  • 200 walking lunges without rest--150 so far;
  • 50 push ups--33 so far;
  • 50 military/Pilates push ups--30 so far;
  • 7 pull ups, underhand--my initial benchmark was 4;
  • 18 dips--initial benchmark was 12; 15 today;
  • 90 floors on the step mill in 15 minutes--I'm up to 88; already exceeded my first goal of 75;
  • 4000m on the rower in 15 minutes--benchmark was 3257.
  • I'm also working on my 1-minute power, riding my bike on the rollers.

I have found these challenges to be motivational and a good guide for my strength workouts.  This, along with my new running plan, has certainly helped my consistency with training during the first 6 weeks or so of 2018.

I have also set my long-term goals for the year:

        1. run the Great Aberdeen 10k again in August at PR pace;
        2. compete in the hill race at the Braemar Gathering (1 week later.)

Here I go...

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