Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Training Cycle

I have shared my goals.  The next logical step is to have a plan to achieve them. I have tried various approaches over the last few years.  Unfortunately, I think my age is working against me a bit.  I think training solo might be limiting my progress a little too--no one to compete with or to push me.  Obviously, I cannot do anything about my age (other than attempt to defy it) and I will still probably train solo for various reasons.  So, I just have to train intelligently and follow my own advice.  Right now, I think that means working harder with consistency.

My current focus is on multiple, short, intense workouts, mostly a combination of the following:

1. Running: hill repeats or 1/4 mile repeats; 3-5 days weekly; 30-45 minutes total.

2. Cycling: on my rollers, mostly 1-minute intervals recently; 1-2 days weekly; 30-45 minutes total.

3. CrossFit-inspired workouts; 10-15 minutes; 7-10 weekly.

Of course, this means multiple workouts in a day, some days as many as three. Full disclosure: I usually plan my workouts ahead each week, but frequently life happens and I do not fit them all in.

Anyway, today's example:

Early-ish morning workout:
35# dumbbell swings with sit ups
x50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for time.

Midday workout:
45# overhead lunge
pull down (using bands)
supine windshield wipers
x10 each for 10 minutes, max number of rounds

Afternoon workout;
Hill repeats x40 minutes

I planned a fourth workout after the run, but didn't have time prior to a work obligation.

Side notes: I train at home, using some bands, an adjustable set of dumbbells, and my body weight.  I also work mostly from home and have a flexible schedule.

It seems to be working.  All the strength workouts are getting faster or I am doing more rounds.  I also feel better at the beginning of my runs--I do not seem to require as much of a warm up.

I will continue with this for a few more days prior to a recovery week while on vacation.  We are going to Italy! Then, I will ease back into a routine over a few days and return to this schedule for a week for sure.  After that, I am thinking I will change my running focus a bit, but continue with the strength workouts as I am doing.

Anyway, time to BRING IT!

Yes!  You too!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Where To Begin?

Since I hurt my foot back in 2012, I have struggled with my fitness level.  Being busy with the move to Scotland and getting settled here did not help.  I have been exercising regularly and currently, I would describe myself as fit for my age--nearly 47.  However, in the early 2010s, I would have described myself as fit, period.  I was competing with athletes much younger than me and was getting progressively faster.  I have not given up on returning to that level, but progress is much slower.

So, goals (in no particular order):
1. Lose weight; partially for vanity, partially for performance by improving my body composition and my power to weight ratio and, of course, for my health. My measuring device: my favorite black belt--I'm on the second hole and I want to be back in the fourth hole.  Also, I want to be back near my high school graduation weight--175 pounds, around where I was in the early 2010s. Honestly, I do not know what I weigh right now, perhaps 190-195 pounds.

2. Exceed, match, or at least approach my running PRs:
5k, 20:38
10k, 46:43
13.1, 1:37:26
This will be tough.

3. Increase my cycling wattage.

4. Achieve 365 fitness: ready for anything physical on any given day or within a reasonable amount of time for training, e.g. run a half marathon within 6-8 weeks or compete in an obstacle course or adventure race.

5. Stay injury-free.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm Back!

I suppose the main reason I stopped posting is that I got busy with other things, primarily moving to Scotland. You can read about that here. I'm settled now, but I actually considered shutting down this site/blog. However, on a run today, creativity struck and here I am!

I'm going to change focus a bit. I want to continue to use this as an outlet for my exercise expertise, especially since my current work does not provide that. But instead of teaching, sharing information, etcetera, I plan to use it as a sort of exercise journal for myself, providing me with some accountability and discipline. It might help me justify my own training and hopefully promote some discourse. Ideally, others will derive benefit from it as well. 

I plan to keep my posts short. Frequency will depend on my other obligations. I may incorporate Twitter and Facebook as well.

Watch this space.