Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yurbuds Inspire Pro Earphones Review

I wrote previously about Yurbuds.  As I stated then, I had been so pleased and impressed with my Yurbuds that I contacted the company and offered my services as a brand ambassador.  They accepted and subsequently sent me another pair of earphones to try.  After a few months of use, here is my review.

In the box, you will find the ear buds and their cord, two pairs of different sized "enhancers" to customize fit, a wire clip to attach the wire to your clothing, and a carrying pouch.

This particular pair of ear buds fit me right out of the box; no adjustment was necessary.  However, if another user required a different fit, the silicon "enhancers" can be rotated upon the ear bud.  Also, the "enhancers" may be removed and replaced with the alternate size.  Based on my experience with my Yurbuds Focus sport earphones:  it may take a little fiddling to install them, but it only took me a minute or so.  And, they stay in place once adjusted.

Yurbuds guarantees their earphones "never to hurt or fall out."  Thus far, I cannot dispute this.  They are comfortable.  I have felt little need to adjust them during any particular use.  I frequently use them while running and during my current marathon training they have remained comfortable during the long runs and in place during the intense runs.  The same has been true for weight room workouts (many CrossFit-style) and with casual use.  They have not fallen out once.

Speaking of running, some might find these a bit cumbersome: on the outside of clothing, the bouncing of the controller might annoy.  Personally, I usually just let my music play and do not need much access to the controls during a run.  So, I usually run the cord under my shirt.  However, a runner who wants to utilize the controller may effectively utilize the included clip to stabilize the cord/controller.

The three-button controller can be quite useful, especially if using the ear buds with a phone.  With the new mobile phone law for drivers in Illinois, this will probably be my primary use for this set.  The top button increases volume and the lower button decreases volume.  The center button has multiple uses.  One click will start or stop a song and will also answer or end a phone call.  Two clicks will advance to the next song.  Three clicks will return to the beginning of a song.

Just like with the Focus earphones, in my uneducated opinion, I think the overall sound quality is good.  But, what has really impressed me is the volume.  Yurbuds are loud.  So, these are a good choice for anyone who wants high absolute volume.  For me, I like the control it gives me.  I have a wider range of volume to use based on conditions.  By the way, most of the time, I can still hear ambient noise even at higher volumes.  That is important to me as a road runner.

As for overall durability and general usefulness: the cords are easily untangled if you find them in a nest.  After hours of sweaty training and at least one hour-long, rain-soaked run, they appear to be waterproof.  My previous non-Yurbuds earphones sucked the life out of my music device batteries within 1-2 hours of use.  Now, I can get 5-8 hours of music with the Yurbuds.

Summarizing, I am pleased with the Yurbuds Inspire Pro.  After using behind the ear earphones for about a decade, I did not expect to like them.  I expected them to fall out and be uncomfortable, but that has not been the case.  They are durable and sound good.  They have effective and useful features.  I will continue to use my two pairs of Yurbuds until Yurbuds improves them.