Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yurbuds Review

I am a music lover.  I listen to a variety of genres and artists according to my mood and have a large enough library to justify a 160GB iPod.  I frequently train with music and, on occasion, use it as a tool with clients for running cadence.  Personally, I am a sucker for a motivational song and I create training playlists accordingly, choosing songs based on various merits.  Sometimes I like a driving beat or a well-written verse or an encouraging chorus.  I listen to rap on occasion or angry music or something light-hearted that reminds me of something totally unrelated to training. Sometimes a song has the total package like this or this or this.

The point is, I take my music seriously and over the years, I have used a variety of music players and headsets.  I currently use an iPod Shuffle and Yurbuds Focus sport earphones, purchased back in February.  I have been so pleased with my Yurbuds that I contacted the company and offered to be an ambassador for their company.  They agreed!  As my first act in this role I offered to share a review here.

I bought my Yurbuds Focus sport earphones in the St Louis airport in February.  I was nearly convinced to buy a set prior to seeing them in the airport, but I had wanted to get my hands on them first.  I do not recall the price I paid.  They currently list for $29.99 and can be found locally at Best Buy and on Amazon.

Yurbuds seems to be trying to set themselves apart from other earphones with their fit.  Specifically, with the Focus, they feature TwistLock TM technology and a FlexSoft TM comfort fit.  They are guaranteed never to hurt and never to fall out.  I can tell you that I have felt absolutely no discomfort with my six months or so of use.  They are soft, causing no irritation inside or outside of the ear.

Regarding falling out, I would have to agree, giving one caveat.  It does take a little bit of trial and error to get the right fit.  I think it took me several uses, perhaps four or five.  However, since then, they have not fallen out inadvertently even once.  The buds are specified right and left.  The soft ear loop that fits over the ear can be formed to an extent to better fit the ear.  Each bud also has a rubber cover that can be rotated to perfect the fit and to better direct the sound into the ear.  So, a fair amount of customization is possible and after my experimentation, my fit is near perfect.

Additionally, I frequently wear them with sunglasses and/or a visor with no difficulty.

Yurbuds describes the Focus as sweat and water resistant.  After, some very hot and humid, long runs this summer, I would also agree with that.  I have had absolutely no issues related to moisture.

Just like any other headphones or earphones, the wires get tangled up at some point.  I always return them and my Shuffle to the included pouch, but I frequently remove them as a little nest.  However, either due to the coating on the wires or their slightly larger diameter, untangling them takes a fraction of the time I have experienced with other products.

I am no expert on sound quality.  And, usually when I am using these earphones, I am exercising and not really focused on how well I can hear the various instruments and harmonies.  But, I think the music comes through well.

I am, however, quite impressed with the volume.  These are the loudest earphones I have ever used--excluding any earmuff-style headsets.  If I want, I can nearly drown out ambient noise.  I never do that, because I do not want to damage my ears, but I could.  For me, that means I have more control over the volume because of the wider range of volume available.

I am not sure, but I think this may also help to preserve my battery.  With my previous earphones, my Shuffle battery would lose its charge after about an hour of use, sometimes less.  I would have to charge it after every use.  With the Yurbuds, I can complete several workouts without having to recharge the iPod.  I have not kept track of the hours of use, but I estimate that the time between recharging has increased from 1-2 hours to 5-8 hours or so.

To summarize, I think the Yurbuds Focus are the best sport earphones I have used.  While they do require some experimentation to perfect the fit, once achieved, they are very comfortable and secure in the ear.  Also, I am impressed with both the quality and volume of the sound and with the overall durability.  Considering this, I think at $29.99, they are a great value.

As an ambassador for Yurbuds, I will have opportunities to test other products and I may share further reviews here.  You can be sure that I will be objective and any product promotion will be honest and sincere.