Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspiring a Generation

I heard recently that the Olympic games inspire more people to exercise than New Year's Day.  I have no idea if that is true or not, but it would not surprise me.  In fact, the motto of these games was "Inspire a Generation."  And, I have it on good authority that this was printed and displayed all over London.

Personally, I was inspired.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching the Olympics until I saw the opening ceremonies, then the men's bicycling road race, and everything else that followed during the first weekend.  I didn't care what event I watched or who was playing and winning.  I enjoyed seeing athletes at the top of their games participating in the biggest tournaments and races in the world.  It is also encouraging that the countries of the world can meet peacefully and unite through athletics.  In my opinion that is the most important reason to have the games.

So many people, athletes and viewers alike, focus on only winning the gold or winning a medal.  They think that finishing fourth or even second is losing.  I disagree.  First, the "gold medal club" is just as exclusive as the "silver medal club" and the "bronze medal club."  Second, these participants will always be described as "Olympians."  Always.  I think they are winners just for making their country's teams and earning the right and privilege to participate.

Not everyone can be an Olympian.  But, everyone can improve themselves and push their limits.  Every person can inspire another.  What will you do?

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